Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 214

I love this song.

My Guy–Mary Wells

I grew up on oldies music; everything from Big Band Music (Kay Keiser, Glenn Miller, etc.) to Buddy Holly, and I still love that music today.  I will be honest though, I never really “got” this song until today. I am happy to say that this song perfectly describes my attitude towards my marriage and towards my husband.

“No muscle bound man
Could take my hand from my guy
No handsome face
Could ever take the place of my guy
He may not be a movie star
But when it comes to being happy we are

There's not a man today
Who could take me away from my guy”

There is a lot of worry in the military about women who leave or cheat on their husbands while they are deployed and men who do the same.  It seems a lot of experienced service members perpetuate or—that’s not the word I’m looking for—they increase the worry felt by newly enlisted members by telling stories of so-and-so who’s wife left him for a Jody while they were down range.  When my husband first left for several months with the Army he said something about me not needing him. It’s true, I don’t need him, but I want him. I could have anyone, but I choose him. Over and over again.  So I like to make sure my husband knows that I want him.  I ache for him.  He is my “one and only.”  I love that my husband has worked to reassure me of the same.

I am anxiously awaiting the day he returns so we can begin the rest of our lives together, again.  There is so much to look forward to; I am excited to see what the future brings.  Until then, I will wait patiently, and busily, for his return…

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