Saturday, February 25, 2012

As predicted...

I was gone for over a month. Mr B came home the day after my last post and I cannot be happier to have him safe at home with me.
The  last month has brought some very exciting and unusual happenings.  I may or may not chronicle them all here, but I will explain if ever I make mention of one of those adventures.

Since Mr. B has returned, Little Mister has decided that it's his dad's turn to read bed-time stories for the rest of the year...

...that brings to mind my new favorite phrase: "every day of the universe."

One of my psychology professor said that trying to illustrate a point. The point she was trying to make was completely lost on me because I was so stunned by that phrase I could no longer pay attention to what she was saying. My classmate looked at me and mouthed "did she really just say 'every day of the universe?'" It was obvious he was too appalled by her misuse of language to enjoy the phrase on its own. I was very glad to return home and have Mr. B share in my enjoyment. I think it is a fun way to express the idea of "infinity" which is how we say we love each other.

Last night I had a very long and crazy dream about how I got to help my husband save the world. I felt pretty good that he was my hero even in my dream.

So, what crazy little thought nugget should I end with today?

Get off the computer. Go spend time with someone you love. Be awesome.
That's what I am off to do...