Monday, August 8, 2011

“Be conscious of the impact of your words.”

I think most of us probably played that game "telephone" growing up. The whole point of the game was to teach us not to gossip. I am saddened by how many adults I've seen spread rumors and say horrible things about people without having any confirmation of the accuracy of their words... and sometimes they down-right lie about other people.

I have seen careers, friendships and marriages ruined over rumors and gossip.

We all hear about national "anti-bullying" campaigns in schools and online, but we adults need to set the example for children to follow. Gossip is another form of bullying.

If you've gossiped, if you've spread are a bully.  I won't pretend I haven't been a part of gossip and I won't pretend I've never shared a rumor I've heard, but I will admit that I am ashamed of myself for doing so. If I've learned anything the last 5 years it's that words carry a lot of weight and it's hard to erase lies from your memory.

"Whoever gossips to you will gossip about you."
Spanish Proverb

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Morningstar said...

Are you trying to tell me something? or is that my guilty conscience?