Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 131–I have a degree!

As of today I have my Associates Degree, it only took me 11 years, but I did it! I opted not to walk because I wanted my son to watch, but graduation started at 10 am and he’s in school… so I decided not to spend the money on a cap & gown or on gas to get to graduation. BUT this means I have to finish my bachelors so Little Monster can watch me walk.

So now I’m done with Community College and I’m getting ready for University in the fall!

I forgot to include photos from my completed projects yesterday, so here they are:

The blanket that took me 7 years to make,
and my 6 month old niece Destinee.

A bracelet for my friend Jenn for her Birthday.

A necklace I made for my friend Nicole’s Birthday.

I have another necklace or bracelet to make this week and I’m still working on two blankets…and organizing the house. Today my goal is to clean out the “Project Room.” It started out as the Sewing/Computer room, but I moved the computer to the living room so I would have a space to move the futon to so that I can have people stay over…and so Little Monster started calling it the project room. I sew in there and we put together packages for Mr. B in there. All of my shipping supplies are in there and all of Little Monster’s supplies are in there too. I want to get him a bigger desk to work off of… right now he has a school desk so it only has one compartment for his things. I’m looking into getting him some accordion folders to he can keep his artwork in those and then an organizer for his coloring supplies. That way we can both be in there together making things.

So, as I finish more projects I’ll post pictures. All of the ones I’m working on are gifts so the pictures won’t be posted until after they’re received. I like to keep the surprise.

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Claire said...

That is AWESOME! Congratulations Nicky!