Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 130

130 is a good number.

Today is my friends’ birthday. She had a birthday dinner, cake & ice cream at her house to celebrate. Little Monster & I went over. I made her a necklace, and I almost wanted to keep it for myself.

I’m trying to remember if I posted a picture or mentioned that I finally finished the blanket I started 7 years ago! It’s all done and I gave it to my niece. She sat on my lap while I finished casting off. I’ve started two new blankets, one is on hold but I wanted to get the pattern started and I’m concentrating on only one right now and I hope to have it finished before the end of next month (hoping!!!).

This last week I’ve spent doing a lot of organizing at home and I still have a lot to accomplish. I took Sunday-Tuesday off because I was out late for my friend’s birthday Saturday and spent Sunday/Monday recovering sleep (I am too old to be out so late!). Tuesday I had some dental work done and was pretty out of it most of the day.

But yesterday, today, and Saturday I was a busy lady… well, I was productive anyway.

Tomorrow I am planning to finish moving the rest of my things to the house. I know, it’s only taken 4 months, but I’m finally getting it done.

I lost my train of thought and I’m going to go to bed. That is all.

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