Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 80

Did I do it, did I actually do it? I completed all my homework for the week before Thursday! This is a first and I am excited, and I am going to start expecting this of myself from now on. I exerted better self control, and used relaxing music to help keep me focused… I did it even with extra obligations for this week. Part of it was that I finally decided that even though Mr. B is gone doesn’t mean my life has to stop. I have things I have to get done before he gets home. I also reminded myself that if I got my homework done early on I would have more time to enjoy myself this week (and it has been so nice outside!).

So what am I going to do the rest of the week? Tomorrow I am getting a massage, that spot on my back is still just killing me. I walked, stretched, and did an Epsom salt soak but it still hurts to move. I am so glad to have a masseuse friend to trade favors with, she rocks! I am also working this week, I got some contract hours that I wouldn’t have been able to work if I hadn’t have completed my homework. I can work on my knitting project again too. I haven’t worked on it for over a week now and I feel bad. I need to have it completed by the end of the month and I want to get started on my next project. I was going to do some more yard work, but I’ll have to save that until my back recovers. I am also going to clean up the house really well. The living room/dining room/kitchen aren’t so bad and are pretty quick to clean, but I got behind on folding my laundry when I was sick and never took the time to catch up, plus it’s something I can do while I watch a movie with Little Monster.

For now, off to bed. I feel accomplished and now I need to rest.

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