Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 79

Crazy/busy prime-number day: yoga, studying (while eating lunch), counseling, studying (while picking up Little Monster from school), yard-work/home-work/play time and dinner with Little Monster, my homework, and now...breathe.

I think I stretched a little too far in Yoga doing the extended side angle pose…my “gluteus medius” is SO sore (yeah, I looked that up just so I could tell you specifically what I hurt). It may not have been so bad at first, but it definitely felt worse after I did yard work. It does feel good to have the front of the house clean and ready for warm weather. My neighbor helped me get the sprinklers ready and showed me how to shut the water supply off/on in case we get another cold weather storm.

I am trying to get all my homework done before the week gets further along…I want to enjoy the super nice weather we’re supposed to have at the end of the week. BUT, I want to make the effort to get it completed so early in the week from now on, I sure feel accomplished! I only have one assignment left for this week and it should be pretty easy. I have to read an online article about relationships and then write a 1-2 page paper answering specific questions about the article. I already found the article I want to write about…so that is my project tomorrow evening.

Today I had two ideas for things I want to write about; 1) marriage and 2) the difference between traditional single parenting (including joint custody) and deployment single parenting… a lot of people refer to the spouse left at home as a “temporary single parent” and I don’t think I like that term very much because there are several key differences between my “single parenting” and traditional single parenting. Both of these are ideas for future research projects for school. As a hobbyist-writer, a psychology student, and nerd, I guess it’s not all that surprising that these thoughts filled my head while I was driving.

Little Monster didn’t want to leave school today. Someone found him in the Library and brought him to the office. We had to go back to his classroom because he accidentally grabbed someone else’s hat instead of his own and ended up talking to his teacher for 15-20 minutes. She sent him home with the class pet Chester, a hand-puppet raccoon. Chester has his own overnight bag with his favorite book “The Kissing Hand” and a journal of his adventures for his host to fill out. Chester got to ride the skateboard and helped pull weeds. Then at bedtime I read Chester’s book to Chester and Little Monster. It was fun.
I promised Little Monster that we will set aside one day each week to go to the Library after school, I am going to plan it for a light homework day and I have three to choose from. I want to plan it for the same day each week if I possibly can. After moving and Mr. B leaving I feel like we’ve finally fallen into a routine. The realization that we have a routine that doesn’t include Mr. B made me pretty emotional today. I need to find someway to make him a part of our daily routine even with him being away. I'll figure it out, and I’ll let you know.

This explains a lot of my feelings…

That reminds me, Little Monster received his pillow from Operation Kid Comfort yesterday. I need to take a picture and post it here and send them a copy. He loves it and thought it was so special to receive his very own package with his name on it!

I need to get to bed, Little Monster & I have an early morning tomorrow.

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