Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 74

Time is passing, passing quickly.  The weather has been absolutely crazy since last week.  Rain, snow, crazy crazy wind…and all winter it’s been overcast which is so unusual here.  Oh wait, it’s Spring now.

I had a hearing test, everything was normal.  The next step is to see an ENT next to see if they can figure out what’s wrong with my hearing because of allergies since nothing is wrong structurally.

Little Monster has said some of the funniest things the last couple days. He asked me what a stripper was (I’m sure I probably mentioned one at some point), so I told him I’d have to figure out how to answer that one (I have my answer, now I just need to remember to talk to him about it). He also asked “what with black makes white” and I told him “an eraser, now go to bed” (he kept asking me random things to stay awake). He also was invited by a boy for a sleep over tomorrow night, but the boy’s mom hasn’t called me. I told him to make sure to give the boy his number and tell him that his mom needs to call if he wants him to come over. I met the boys mom in December and I really like her, I’m hoping that they’ll call so we can chat some more…but I would get a whole night to myself! I don’t even know what I would do. Probably my psychology homework I’ve put off all week. I am protesting after Spring Break. It was nice to not think about school all last week.

The section I had to read for my computer class this week was all about networking and so I was finally able to figure out why my computers weren’t connecting. Now I can access all my files that are on my desktop from my laptop. Technology is amazing.  I need to upgrade the RAM in my desktop though, and I need to move it where I can have it connected directly to my router instead of wirelessly (since it’s my central storage device).  I like my network to be fast.

I am keeping very busy, with doctor appointments, lunch dates, school, counseling, errands, cleaning…most of my time is designated.  Right now, this is my designated “me” time. That starts when Little Monster goes to bed until I decide to go to bed. I try not to do any homework after 5, but I ended up doing that last night and finished my computer project in two hours (w00t w00t!).  I got a lot of good information tonight about some things I was researching. Yay!

Yeah, that’s it. And now, I am going to bed.’

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