Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 57

The days keep passing by.  I’ve been busy with some extra work this weekend.  It’s nice to get a paycheck every now and again, even if it is only on-call contract work.  I finally cleaned my house, it hadn’t been touched since I got back from my trip and it desperately needed a good pick-up.  Wednesday I’m planning a more thorough clean (baseboards, blinds, light switches…yeah, I know I’m crazy).

Last night it rained super heavy and it was nice to listen to the rain as I fell asleep.  Last summer (2010) Mr. B and I were in Georgia and it rained there a lot.  I remember countless nights laying in bed, listening to the rain (and frogs), snuggled as much as we could be (because it was so hot) and falling asleep or talking while the rain was so peaceful outside.  I say it was peaceful, even with the loud rain and even louder frogs, but it was relaxing.  The rain has always had a calming effect on me.  I could be having the worst of days and be super anxious and then if I were to hear the sound of rain all of that would vanish and the rain would bring me relaxation.

Tonight I decided to pamper myself and gave myself a pedicure.  I started with a sea salt scrub/massage, then I used my pedi egg and a filer to smooth my soles, then I clipped and filed my nails, and then painted my nails…ending with some massage oil and socks.  I sent Mr. B a message and told him I felt like I had princess feet. I’ve never had a professional pedicure, I think that’s how I’ll pamper myself next.  I already decided I’m going to go pay for a manicure.  I wanted to pain my nails, but I remembered that I don’t do such a good job painting my dominant hand (my non-dominant hand is not very steady).  I am reminded today that I really do like to be girly.  It makes me feel sexy.  Yeah, I said that.  Sometimes I feel pretty blah and plain, but when I do girly things I don’t feel so blah.  Why is that?

This cold is still lingering, I feel well, I’m still just stuffed up a bit.  I am supposed to go in for a hearing test to determine if there is any help I can get with my ears, but I can’t want to schedule until this clears up.  Right now with all the stuffiness my ears hurt every now and again.

Little Monster has continued to take his JB backpack to school.  It sounds like he’s decided he’s going to use that one every day now.  What a proud mama I am.  We spent a lot of this weekend cuddling too.  I mentioned our trip to the park Saturday, yesterday was “pajama day.” Little Monster likes to do that at least once each weekend.  But then we had to do some grocery shopping so he put “regular” pants on just to go to the store (he left his Spiderman pajama shirt on ha ha).  And of course, his blue rubber rain boots.

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