Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 54

Little Monster took his Justin Bieber backpack to school yesterday.  I was so proud of him for deciding he didn’t care what the other kids said.  Today he took Spiderman.  He told me he wants to alternate since Spiderman is his favorite and JB is his second favorite.  I have such a great kid.  I did talk to Mr. B about the backpack and he agreed that we need to let him be his own person (even if we’re afraid he might get picked on) and that he shouldn’t have to give up the JB backpack just because the other kids teased him.  I love my husband.

I am getting a lot farther on my knitting project.  I feel bad that I haven’t finished my nieces’ and nephews’ Christmas presents STILL but I can knit while I’m doing my homework and I can’t sew while I’m doing my homework.  I need to buck up and finish them this weekend with Little Monster.  I have some new projects I want to get started so I need to start finishing things first (to be fair, this knitting project has taken 7 years so I do have a priority to finish this too).  Why do I keep putting these things off?  Little Monster wants me to knit him a scarf when I’m finished with this blanket for his cousin.  I’m a busy momma.

Monday I’m going to go put in an application to work at my favorite coffee place.  I was going to go today but I decided my homework was more pressing.  (Yes, I can set priorities, even if I really want my favorite drink.)
Well, back to the homework grind.  I hope everyone is having a spectacular Friday.


Kristina @Mountain Mum said...

What coffee shop. I think I have a dozen knitting projects I haven't finished yet. Good Luck.

Nikky said...

Dutch Bros. :)

Ann said...

I feel the same way as the kids. Hayden loves to wear comfy sweatpants to school and she told me her friends make fun of her for wearing jammies at school but she didn't care at all. Kids are going to go through hard times no matter what. It's so important that they know they can come home to their parents and feel safe.