Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 30

For some reason I’ve always liked the number 30.  I just seems nice and round.  I am tired and today has been full.  Tomorrow promises to be just as full.  I am glad for the rest I took this weekend and I am setting a goal for myself to finish my homework by Friday afternoon.

Today on NPR I heard about a man who ran a marathon every day for 365 days!  (You can read about the “Marathon Man” Stafaan Engels here.)  My favorite bit from the story: “I will say, look, if I run every day marathon, don’t you have no excuse to say five kilometers run, or biking, or swimming is too far for me?” And, “I will…say to the people: It's possible - make your goal. Go for a goal. Do something special with your life.”

Listening to this man made me feel like a lazy bum.  But it did make me glad I went to Yoga and that I did Yoga twice at home since my last class.  I’m making progress.

Off to bed…the morning comes too soon.

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