Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 17

My son can tie his shoes!  I felt like it was never going to happen.

He was so out of sorts after school, I fed him a snack, but I think he was extra hungry.  He finished off two plates of dinner.

I don’t really want to write today because I don’t feel that I have much to write about. My day consisted of doing my home-work…and I don’t feel like I got very far.  I have to complete all these tutorials online for my Computer class and the software has a lot of glitches so I didn’t get much done.  But I have a 1 page paper due every Saturday for my Psychology class and I already have that finished for the week.  I just have to finish reading the chapter and take my quiz, then finish my computer tutorials and take that quiz (I can’t take the quiz until the tutorials are done and I can’t just skip through the tutorials because they’re interactive).  If nothing else, I did learn 1 shortcut in MS Word.

Okay.  I’m going to go cuddle with my little man before bedtime now.

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