Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 16

My first Yoga class was this morning.  I was pretty tired… I’m glad we just had introductions this morning.  Next week we get to start the real stuff.

I tried to be productive today, but I just wasn’t.  Right now I’m working on a homework assignment for my Computer class.  It’s super easy, but I have to wait for my virus scan to finish the assignment and it’s taking FOREVER.  I have to take a screen shot when it’s finished showing that I completed the task… I’m just going to pause it and complete the assignment in the morning (it’s going to take another hour to complete).  It’s not due until next week, but I wanted to get it over with as soon as possible.

My son got to talk to his daddy briefly tonight and this is part of the conversation I overheard:

A: matter of factly - “What did you do today that was fun dad?”
B: excited: “I rode in a hmmv and got to wear my armor all day.”
A: “No. I said ‘fun.’” (he stressed the word fun and he sounded annoyed)

It was at that point I had to leave the room laughing.  Apparently my son didn’t think any of that was very fun at all… I wonder if that’s because he’s tried to pick up his dad’s armor before?

Even though I didn’t accomplish much today I was still all over town (I did get my Psychology book today).  I think I’m getting the cold that’s going around.  To bed…

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