Friday, October 22, 2010

Adventure Day

Today is First Saturday, which is also known as Friday and sometimes as "Fry-Day" for our family (right now our family consists of me & hubby, our son and the couple we live with).  On this First-Saturday the adults decided to trek into the desert while the little one was in school.  So, I dubbed today as "Adventure Day."  While in the desert we saw a Tarantula, a Jerusalem cricket (it was dying, but we still saw it), and found a couple cool fossils.

All in all we walked approximately 6 miles... it's hard to calculate since I didn't have the GPS on the whole time recording my movements and since the point we went to isn't anything discernible on the map.  I have GPS coordinates for where we ended up (our furthest point), but not for where we parked.  Next time I'll do a better job at tracking.  We were well prepared though, we brought plenty of water (and we each had a camelbak) and some snacks.  It was a fun 3 + hours.

Next week we're hoping to get some desert camping in if the weather is still seasonable.  Today was the perfect day for desert trekking.

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