Saturday, September 18, 2010


My humanities reading has been very informative this week, for instance, the Greek work for Orchestra means “Dancing Space”.  But it’s also been tedious.  I still have to read another 15 pages, and then more information to start my first essay… plus the 30 pages + additional resources I need to read for Anthropology.  School has kept me very busy this week.


So today I decided to revert one of my favorite methods of relaxing, reading bits from Henry David Thoreau’s journal, which are chronicled (by date) in this blog.  Today’s entry (1857) he wrote about two different plants/flowers and so I decided to look them up online to see if I could find pictures.  Here’s what I found:

Trifolium arvense

Aster laevis

So there you have it.


In another attempt to relax and get out of the house I went with my friend to get my hair cut.  I had a good time.  While she was getting her hair cut I was able to spend some time with her beautiful baby girl.  She is just the sweetest, she played with me and then fell asleep and cuddled.  She made me feel special.  I also love my new cut.  I went with a picture and the gal did a great job matching the cut I wanted, but it’s a lot shorter than it was.

Time to go… my son has some friends over and my sister & her kids will be here shortly to go swimming.  Then more homework… and next week I get to start packing.  Less than two weeks until we head home.

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