Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Life is Crazy

Neuro-psych exam, check.
Meeting with my son's teacher, check.
Reading my Humanities Chapter & subsequent quiz, check.

But what do I have left to do?  I have to read another 20 pages of text, one 4 page lecture and write a two part "essay" due tonight.  I have an additional 60 pages of reading for an essay due Oct 4, but that I need to have completed by Sept 30 (8 days!) plus all my weekly reading and getting ready to move...which means registering our new utility trailer, packing, change of address forms, canceling the internet, returning the washer & dryer, cleaning, buying lumber to enclose the trailer, and something else I'm forgetting.  I also am attending a sleep group on Friday, Monday, and Wednesday that will take about 3 hours each session.

No wonder my head hurts.

So... I'm off and busy.  I really need to read that book "Crazy Busy" that I got earlier this year... but when will I have time to read it?

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