Thursday, September 16, 2010

Help me decide...

Family & Friends, I need your help making a very important decision.

But first... Discover Magazine just posted an article about Schizophrenia and the possibility of actually curing and preventing the disease.  A related article is "The Insanity Virus."  If you're interested in psychology or mental illnesses, both articles are good reading material.

Back to the scheduled programing.

This year has been so up and down that I am hesitant to make any decision.  In April I thought that I had made the correct decision, only to have my choice blow up in my face... but then I did get to spend a few more months with my Love, and that was definitely worth the explosion.  Do I move again in January/February, or do I stay put after our migration at the end of the month?  There are pros and cons to both choices, but which one will be the best in the long run?  I wish I had a fortune teller.

My p/c list for going:
Rent free living for the better part of a year = more savings
Not needing to work outside the house
Help from family to watch my son while I'm in school
Familiar settings for me & my son (where I grew up)
More time with the grandparents & great grandmother

My son would have another move this school year (2) and one the following school year

My p/c list for staying:
Friends close by for moral support
Familiar setting for me & my son
My son would be able to stay put for a full school year

Paying rent = less savings
Needing to work while going to school
Harder to finish school or work without the additional support of family
No family close by, not able to travel much to visit family

My question is... which factors are most important?  Is my son staying put for a whole school year going to be more important than being near family (grandparents, etc)?  Everything is leading me to go... so... any of you that know me, have I forgotten any pros/cons for staying or going?

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Kristina Ruth said...

i'm confused. where are you moving to and where is staying?