Friday, April 30, 2010

It's Here

Reality.  Yesterday I was so concentrated on finding a job because it's been a while since I've taken this much time off of work.  While I really would like to get back to work so that I can comfortably afford a trip to visit Mr. B in June, I am glad that I've had this time.  Last year it took me a month for the reality of everything to sink in.  I think the delay was due to moving and working full-time right after he left.  But this time, I left just a couple of days before he did, enough time to get settled into the new place and get Little Monster settled into the new place.  And now that I've had a few days of "down time" it's hitting me.

And just as I was writing all of that Mr. B's cousin called me upstairs to chat and helped distract me from my loneliness.  And that is why I chose to move here.

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