Thursday, April 29, 2010

10 Days

I have been at my new home for ten days now.  Little Monster arrived eight days ago and so far he seems to be enjoying our new surroundings.

Little Monster started Kindergarten yesterday, the school is only a few blocks from our house and he's only going half day.  He'll attend this same school in the fall when he starts 1st grade.

It's been less than two weeks since I worked last (tomorrow) and I'm getting restless. Yesterday I attended an "interview" which turned out to be a multilevel marketing scheme (selling Rainbows, and while I like Rainbows, I just don't want to sell them!  I did consider going to training and getting paid the $16+/hour offered for training, and then working a couple of days just to bring a rainbow here to clean the carpets.  Is that evil of me?  I wish I'd have done it).

My GPS has been fantastic!  After a few days I feel comfortable going some places without consulting "Dr Nightmare" (the voice I downloaded).

Here's a view of Pikes Peak from the 20th:

We can see Pikes Peak from our back porch.  The mountains are only to the west, everything else is so flat!  It's easy to see what kind of day it will be by looking at the mountains.

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