Sunday, March 21, 2010


I just decided to blog surf.  Just press the "next" button at the top of the blog, it's fun.

Is it creepy that I enjoy eavesdropping on other people's lives?  They amused me (mostly).  Some people I thought were a little weird.  But it made me wonder what people think when they drop by my blog inadvertently?

If you're a creeper... what do you think?  I'm curious.

So that's it for this Sunday afternoon.  Mr. B & I are going to get our tattoos touched up tomorrow... they're "weak" on one side.  Here's a photo from when they were done two weeks ago:

We're also going to try to get a family photo together before Mr. B takes off.  If we can't do it tomorrow it will have to wait for next week... I am hoping for outdoor pictures so I want Spring to keep blooming this week (despite its effects on my allergies).

Also on the list of "to-do" is a family hike.  The weather has been so nice out the last few days... with today as the exception (chilly wind, a bit overcast)... it would be a shame to waste another beautiful day indoors.

How to balance the "dress-up" clothes for our photos with clothes for hiking?  It would be a bit amusing to try hiking in a dress and sneakers.

Today marks 8 years since Mr. B & I met.  It's been a great, and crazy 8 years.  I love you!

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