Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I am finally running more consistently. Saturday I ran without stopping for longer than I ever have before. Monday night I ran even farther at once. Today I went further still. Prior to Saturday most of my running was solo and it was a run/walk mixture that I had found online which didn’t seem to be working… and then I started running with an accomplished runner who has been helping me figure out my pace and pushing me to push myself. She is amazing, I value her insight and appreciate the time she is giving me.

A lot of good things are going on. I believe that things have been looking better primarily because I’ve had a lot of down time to work on my attitudes towards things, my attitudes towards people, and my attitudes towards myself. I’m having to cut out some things, cut out some people because I’ve decided that if I want to keep moving towards my goal I need to fill myself and surround myself with positive attitudes and people.

This doesn’t feel finished to me, but it’s time for me to go…

My morning jam:

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