Sunday, July 1, 2012

Vainy, vainy, vain blog post.

Growing up I remember hearing about how my grandmother had a full-head of white hair by the time she was twenty. My dad had also gone white in his twenties. So when I found my first white hair at 19 I didn’t panic too much. I figured that I can’t fight genetics.

Then a few years ago I was annoyed by my 5-10% white hairs, and dyed my hair black. My hair is normally an auburn/golden brown color w/white sprinkled throughout so black was a big change.

I cut that off and let my hair grow out. Now I have about 20-30% white hair. My hair stylist comments that I have more white hair each time I get my hair cut.

After my black experience and having a considerable amount of my hair fall out (it could have been stress, it could have been that I was using box dye, considering the time frame either is equally possible) I have decided I do not want to color my hair long term.

But, maybe this is weird, I actually like my white hair and I think I’m going to let it stay.

Now the decision part. Should I go for it and rock the white hair? I think after a few applications the melanin will dissipate anyway. Hmm.

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