Sunday, July 22, 2012


I am incredibly happy right now.

Running through my problems was just what I needed and Thursday was my best run yet. It was my first in over a week due to moving around, it was at a higher elevation, and I surpassed my best time yet. I still am far from my goal, but I’m getting there. Running with other people is far superior to running solo.

I am starting up Yoga again too, now that I’m working out I’m finding all these different ways to stretch my sore muscles. I am convinced there must be a yoga pose designed to stretch every muscle in the body. One of my very good friends is a yogi. As soon as I am able to spend the money I want to attend some classes with her. She has an entire bog dedicated to her yoga journey.

She may not know it, but she is such a big inspiration to me.

She has been there for me through all my ups and downs the last few years. I hope she knows how amazing and special she is. I know I don’t tell her as often as I think it.

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