Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 177

What a summer so far!  Busy busy busy.  I have had only 1 or 2 days without anything planned.  Being busy has been wonderful and horrible all at once.  I feel torn between taking some time at home just to sit and taking Little Monster off to do something fun, something new. 

07-04-2011 (79)We had a wonderful time on Independence Day. Our city has a 07-04-2011 (54)big day-long celebration in the park; a parade (which we followed with Hot Dogs and Slurpees), watching a Chinook fly in some Army National Guard members preparing for deployment, face painting and kids games, a flag raising ceremony, food and fireworks… it was a long and fun filled day.  However, the day was underscored by the absence of Mr. B.  But we did not forget him.

07-04-2011 (60)

This was my most emotional Independence Day to date.  I was so emotional that I canceled my plans to have friends come over and spend the day with us and instead spent the entire day at the park.  I didn’t want to be home.  I knew being at home would be the worst possible thing I could do (for Little Monster as well).

It was hot, but it was fun.  Wal-Mart was even at the park passing out cold bottles of water and encouraging everyone to drink lots of water which I thought was pretty cool.  I packed water but it got pretty warm after a while with the temps being close to 100°.  It was nice to end the day with fireworks.  I think this was the first year that Little Monster really truly enjoyed the fireworks.


While yesterday was fun and exciting, I think I got a bit too much sun and didn’t eat or drink enough water… been kind of in a funk all day.

Oh and I did something silly today.  I took a nap… and then when I woke up I ran into the wall on my way to the bathroom (to be fair, it was right at the bathroom door).  I have a little bump on my head that I keep forgetting about and touching accidentally.  The only reason I keep touching it is because it’s at my hairline and I keep running my fingers through my hair because I got it trimmed today.  Which reminds me… my hair is starting to get long and it’s the healthiest I can ever remember it being.

Tomorrow starts another busy day…

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