Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 164

Two weeks doesn’t seem like much. Two weeks can go by so quickly or it can feel like an eternity. My last two weeks were somewhere in the middle.

Mr. B was home for R&R and we had quite a fun and busy time…but lazy and relaxed too.

We started by hanging around home for a few days while Little Monster finished school, then we took a 4 hour trip to visit Mr. B’s aunt. She had the local American Legions provide us an escort from the restaurant we met his brother at to her house. After we came back from our trip we spent a day in the desert fossil hunting and a day at the capital. Mr. B took Little Monster on a tour of the capital and they were both given governor coins (LM thought that was pretty awesome since he had just received a National Guard coin).

We unexpectedly met up with some people Mr. B knew from the Guard (it was the Army’s 236th birthday and flag day and they were at the ceremony that took place at the capital). We had lunch with them and then stopped by an old abandoned Army Fort on our way home. Little Monster’s 7th birthday was last week so we had a birthday party the day prior with some of his friends from school—they had so much fun—and then we took him to see Kung Fu Panda 2 and to have a sushi dinner on the day of his birthday. We took another short trip with some friends and Little Monster & I were going to learn to shoot, he decided he was not in the mood and stayed behind at the house to play with the other kids that were there and I got to shoot! I managed to hit some targets, so I was proud of myself. We also spent some time at the river, saw a bull snake…and spent quite a bit of time at home just relaxing together. Our last day together we found out there was a free movie in the park that night, so we took our camp chairs and some towels and watched Rango outside. We’ve always loved going to the drive-in, but movies on the lawn are even more fun.

Here are some pictures from the past two weeks…
06-10-2011 (2)
Little Monster in a Fire Truck
The Family in the Desert (Fossil Hunting)
Little Monster & Mr. B @ Fort Churchill
Water Balloons at Little Monster’s birthday party

Little Monster and I are definitely going to miss our Mr. B, but we had a fantastic time. Little Monster told me on the last night that he wasn’t worried about it anymore because we already made it this far and we can make it the rest of the way now too. I’m so proud of him.

Mr. B—we love you, we are proud of you, and we’ll see you again soon!

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