Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 65

It’s Spring Break!

Yesterday I watched “The Adjustment Bureau” and had a nice conversation with someone I haven’t talked to in several years.  We had a falling out.  I’d never had a falling out with any of my friends before, but the situation taught me a lot and I am glad that she got back in touch with me.  It’s nice to “find” a friend again.  I also did some work on applying to the University, but I still have a lot of questions.

Today I did yard work from the time Little Monster went to school until the time I picked him up from school.  I met another one of my neighbors, she was helping me figure out what to do with my weeds…after we spoke she went home and then a little while later she came back with some weed killer for me.  She volunteers at her friend’s nursery and in exchange her friend gives her yard & garden supplies…so she brought me over one bottle, and then came back a few hours later with even more! How sweet of her!  I also got to talk more with my immediate neighbor.  My landlord told me he was from Belgium, but he’s actually from Yugoslavia originally.  He’s a funny guy.  I thought he was a lot older than he is though…he’s the same age as my mom and looks like he’s a lot older than that.  He’s a really nice guy and he’s friends with the owner of my house, he “watches out” for me because he knows my situation.  I thought that was really sweet.  Anyway, one of my flower beds is weed free and I’m going to spend Thursday spraying for weeds in the backyard and on the front lawn and then weeding my other flower bed.  As big a pain as the lava rocks are, I think they’re really pretty.  After talking to my neighbors I am more firm on the idea of planting a vegetable garden in the back planter box.  Tomatoes, onions, potatoes, and carrots.  I really want to see if I can grow some corn or spinach, but I’m not sure what kind of work that is.

Tomorrow I’m working on my application for the University, completed my FASFA, and I’m going to look up some scholarships.

I am trying to get ahead on my reading for my classes so that when I start back up next week I’ll have a jump start.  I am planning another trip and having everything done early will make it a lot easier to leave.

Little Monster & I have kept up on walking, we walked after school yesterday & today.  Just to the mail box and back (we’re at the end of the street and the box is at the other end), but it gets us out.  And it’s been rainy when he’s gotten off of school both days.  It feels good to get outside after it’s been such a gloomy winter.

Alright, off to read some psychology and spend some time with Little Monster (and my knitting).

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