Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 32

Little Monster felt better today, mostly.  He went to school, and didn’t eat much of the lunch I packed for him.  He also didn’t eat much dinner.  I know his tummy is still recovering, so I’m not going to push it, but I made sure he had a lot to drink.

Today we got a package from my parents.  Little Monster was so excited to get some goodies. My mom also tucked a book in for me, so I was pretty excited by that too (I need to unpack all of my books!).  

Today Little Monster wrote me a Valentine and it’s up on the fridge.  This is probably one of the best Valentine’s I’ve ever received (the other being when his dad gave me my wedding ring on our first Valentine’s Day together)! 

I am frustrated with my Psychology class.  My professor still hasn’t released the assignments for next week, I wrote her Monday and told her that I wanted to be able to complete my assignments early to get a week ahead…aside from her initial “I’ll do what I can” response, I haven’t heard from her.  It is very frustrating.  You would think that professors would be cooperative when students want to be on top of things.  This is the first online class I’ve taken where we were not able to view all the semester assignments at the beginning of the semester.  I would have taken the class from someone else if I had known it would be this way.  I spent all day getting ready for next week’s assignments and I can’t even complete them.  Bleh.  Right now it feels that this was a complete waste of time, but I know that it’s good I’ve already got done what I can.

So…I’m off to bed now.  My brain is sleepy from all that Psychology.

Opening his package from Mimi & PoppiMy new "Quotationary" (and my other books)

You can't see my textbook anymore!

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