Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 28–Week 4

Four weeks already?  Wow.  The first few days dragged, but it feels like time has flown by.  I’ve been busy with getting the house together and with my classes.  I am booked with homework, appointments, trips, etc. from now through July.  I guess that’s a good thing.  Even with only two classes (three if you count yoga) I feel the time crunch because of my mommy obligations.  After a few more weeks of classes I’m sure I’ll get into a better routine.  I love not doing any homework on the weekends.  I will manage all my other time crunches to keep my weekends free.

Little Monster decorated and ate a cupcake today.  He was so excited to get to choose the sprinkles and eat it (all by himself).

Mr. B got most of the day off.  Because Mr. B got the day off we were able to spend some time on Skype.  It was nice to talk to him for a while, we even found a game that we could play together on Skype, so the three of us worked on the puzzle game together while we talked.

Little Monster & I did absolutely nothing for most of the day.  We sat around and watched movies, played video games, and after he went to bed I ended the day with Yoga.  I feel nice and stretched and relaxed.

I was thinking some deep thoughts at some point today and I was going to write about them…but the relaxation at the end of Yoga cleared my mind of all the kinds of thoughts that would keep me up at night (which is why I did Yoga tonight).

And now…I am off to cuddle with the sleeping Little Monster in my bed.  Namaste.


*edit:  I remember some of what I was going to say earlier. 

This week has been very weepy for me.  It’s almost as bad as when I was pregnant!  The slightest little thing will set me off…but I’m not holding back anymore.  Little Monster has been crying more than usual this week too, and I guess that makes it easier for me to cry.  I guess we’re just both at that stage emotionally.  So we sit together, with Daddy Bear between us, and talk about his daddy, what we miss the most, and what we can do to remember him every day.  We talk about how daddy misses being away from us very much but how he’s away doing a very important job.  It also helps that we have a video of his daddy reading “Just Me & My Dad” and that so far he’s been able to call almost every night for bed.  It’s hard to remind Little Monster that pretty soon daddy won’t get to call very much.  We also have been loving these photos Mr. B sends with the stuffed animal Little Monster gave to him to take along.


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