Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 8

Wow.  I haven’t been this tired since… well, since last week.  Haha.  I really do feel that it’s been the longest week ever.

Today I got up at 6 and then left to work at the house around 8:30.  I know I probably could have just moved everything in, but I guess I’m just too OCD and needed to clean.  It’s been sitting empty for a while, so it’s all dusty and dirty.  I didn’t finish cleaning everything because I spent quite a bit of time helping my son go through his toys.  He had a lot of fun with all of the toys he’s had over the last four years dumped out on the floor.  Tomorrow the only things I have to clean are the blinds in the living room and kitchen and then just a quick wipe down of the bathrooms.  I’m glad I decided to clean before moving stuff in though.  I don’t know that I would have gotten these parts clean if I had waited

The oven doesn’t work.  I have to call my landlord about that tomorrow.

We took a 2-hour break for lunch, my son watched a movie while I rested.

We’re watching up and then going to bed.

Tomorrow he has to go back to school and I think we’re going to start moving furniture in tomorrow.

Well, I’m wiped out.  So I’m going to go now and cuddle with my boy.

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