Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 2

I don't know if I'll keep this up every day, but I'll try.

I completely forgot that my son was given a deployment calendar that we're supposed to work on together. That makes me feel like a bad mom. He's already in bed. We'll have to complete 3 days tomorrow after homework.

Today wasn't very eventful. My son woke up in a good mood, got ready swiftly and then got off to school on time. He asked me to pack him a lunch; peanut butter & jelly, string cheese, train mix, and fruit snacks. He wanted to have options for snacks.

I went to counseling today. I decided it was a good idea to go and talk to someone who could help me transition into being a single parent for the next year. After only 1 session without my son I feel like I got a lot of useful and helpful information. There were several times I almost cried, but I wouldn't allow myself to cry. That makes me feel weak (that I won't cry).

After the counseling appointment I met up with my friend Jenn for lunch and a chat. I miss chatting with her. She always gives me a new perspective on things. She is one of the few people I trust completely. She's honest with me and that means so much!

I dropped off some clothes for one of my battle buddies kids. My son has outgrown a lot and I'm sure once we get moved in and I sift through the storage that I'll have a lot more to give. Toys especially.
Before heading home I made a quick stop to buy some clothes that I've been putting off buying because I rarely go into town. The lady that was working was chatting with me, turns out we have the same name! She asked me if I was working, I let her know I was going to school and trying to finish up my degree, that I had moved around a lot last year... and she offered me a part time job. It was so unexpected. She said she'd like me to work for her. I thought that was a pretty great compliment and it made me feel good about myself. Somebody wants me.

When I picked my son up from school we came home and I helped him through his homework (super easy). He had to do math today and he is so good at math. His assignment was to make up groups of 10, which wasn't very difficult. So we sat and watched The Secret of the Kells, and I have to say that even though the artwork is a little different, I this it’s absolutely beautiful.  He wanted to play video games after the movie was over, but it was almost dinner time so I told him that it was time for him to read to me and then I read to him until dinner was ready… I wanted to make sure he got plenty of 1-on-1 attention time spent cuddling.

We ended up playing Yahtzee after dinner and he LOVED that; he wants to play it every time he has math homework.  I’ll have to get enough dice so we can play after we get our own place.

Bedtime did include tears, as I knew it would.  I sent him early just so we could have time to talk about his daddy and read another story for bed.  I am SO glad for the build-a-bear that my husband took him to make.  My son presses the button at bedtime just so he can hear his dad’s voice.  Tonight we talked about what would be different when daddy came home and what things would be the same.

My mom sent him the Mercer Meyer book “Just Me And My Dad” and he LOVES reading it (we’ve read it every day since it arrived).  He wants to send it to his daddy so that daddy can read it to him at bedtime.  I think I am going to send it and have my husband video himself reading it and then have him send it back.  Then my son can watch the video of daddy reading to him while he looks at the book.

I am tired, but I decided I wanted to take a little time for myself and watch last night’s episode of Lie to Me. I am addicted to that show.  Last night’s episode was actually 2 episodes. I’m already half way though (so, 1 episode down). 
Today didn’t feel eventful, but I feel like I wrote a lot about what I did today.
Today would be my grandparents’ 71st wedding anniversary.  I should have called my grandmother, but I didn’t… for the same reason I didn’t call her on my grandfather’s birthday; I don’t want to cry on the phone.  Saturday marks one year since he died.  So much has happened in the last year.
Tomorrow is my little sister’s 21st birthday.  I still can’t believe she’s turning 21.  I remember the day she was born; my immediate younger brother & I were staying at our grandparents’ house in Saint Maries, ID (the house with garnet/granite gravel) and first thing when they woke us up they told us that our baby sister was born and told us her name.  I remember being confused because my parents had a completely different name picked out the last I heard… but they named her after my dad’s mother, and from what I remember of my grandmother, I’m glad she shares her name (it’s fitting).
So with that, I am back to watching my show… after a quick bathroom break.

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