Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 12

Today the gas was put in my name.  I had a heck of a time trying to get the pilot in the water heater to light, I am SO glad Pete was able to come over and help me out.

Since the gas was turned on and we had hot water we are able to stay at the house tonight.  My son is so excited.  We ordered pizza and had our friends over for dinner.  Since we’ve been spending the last few months at their house we got to switch it up a little.

I had a nice long phone conversation with my sister tonight.  She got me thinking about a lot of different things.  Mostly in regards to school and work.  A lot of ideas are culminating, I guess we’ll see what comes from them.
This morning I weighed myself.  I haven’t stepped on a scale for a while so I decided to see where I was.  Without being aware, I reached my goal!  I am so excited.  It’s taken me 5 years to reach my goal.  What should I do to celebrate?  I did buy some of those big hostess chocolate cupcakes… that’ll do.

My talk with my sister also made me a little worried about weight.  I’ve been fighting for most of my adult life to reach what I consider a healthy weight.  But what am I going to do when everything reverses?  After spending years trying to gain weight what am I going to do when my metabolism slows down and I have to work on keeping my weight down.  It’s going to happen.  I can’t escape my genetics.  I figure I already have healthy eating habits: I don’t eat a lot of junk food.  I eat a lot of vegetables and eat from all the different food groups.  BUT I am not so good about exercising and I think that’s where the biggest difference needs to be made.  I am making an effort to correct this.  School starts next week and I’m signed up for a Tuesday Yoga class.  I looked at my schedule yesterday and realized it’s a 2-hour class!  Whoa momma!  I have two gals that may come over twice a week to do yoga here at the house.  I really hope they do because if someone else is here with me it’s easier to keep at it.  After I get my muscles all stretched out and get in the habit of doing Yoga 3 times a week I really do want to work on running.  I know I said I was gonna start running 2 years ago… but it is still my eventual goal.

Well.  I am headed to bed.  It’s been another long day (I’m trying not to nap and get back to my good sleeping habits).

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