Sunday, October 31, 2010


For my 101th post I decided it was picture time.

This isn't a new photo... I came across it just now and it reminded me of a very happy time.   My hubby & our friends (our current "family") stole me away to San Fransisco for Valentine's Day weekend... he got my shift at work covered, booked a hotel, and had the whole weekend planned.  They had my bag packed and everything. It was a wonderful surprise.

This Shadow Which Is So Soon Past

This Shadow Which is So Soon Passed

"Walking in the woods, it may be, some afternoon, the shadow of the wings of a thought flits across the landscape of my mind, and I am reminded how little eventful are our lives. What have been all these wars and rumors of wars, and modern discoveries and improvements so-called? A mere irritation in the skin. But this shadow which is so soon past, and whose substance is not detected, suggests that there are events of importance whose interval is to us a true historic period." - Thoreau

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