Wednesday, September 29, 2010

To better sleep...

Sleep group today was great.  Last week I was very very tired and very very bored; but that was just because it was a repeat of my psychology class that I took earlier this year... blah blah this is why sleep is important blah blah.  Yeah, I know it's important or I wouldn't be here, duh.  Today was much better though.  Out of the 5 that were there last we it was just me and one other girl that were there today.  Turns out she's from Reno too!

The group leader gave us some good tips that are supposed to be my goals for the next week. 1) When you wake up and can't get back to sleep, get up until you think you can fall asleep... but don't start doing anything physically active.  Just go sit somewhere until your body tells you it's ready to go back to bed.  2) Spend 1 hour before bed time winding down.  That time can include writing a list of everything that was accomplished that day and making a schedule for what you have to accomplish the following day.  3) No naps.

I think that's do-able.  Easy, but it's supposed to be more effective.  So I'm going to try that for the next week and then I have to email the group leader next Wednesday (since I won't be here) and send him a copy of my sleep journal to see how I'm progressing.  Already I've identified a lot of reasons for my lack of sleep.

So, I thought I'd share a list of my accomplishments today. :)

  • Finished putting silicone caulking on all the seams on the trailer we rebuilt to weather proof for our trip
  • Packed the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen
  • Finished all the laundry and packed all the towels
  • Got "underjams" (pull-ups) for Little Monster & helped an old lady at Target to find some specific baby clothing
  • Finished all my homework that is due until next Wednesday so I don't have to worry about it while we're moving
  • Emailed my teachers to let them know I would be offline but can still receive email on my phone and asked them to notify me if there were any important class updates
  • Scheduled pick-up of the Washer & Dryer that we rented
  • Scheduled our utilities to be shut-off
  • Booked our hotel for Friday

So I'm off to make my schedule for tomorrow.... not as much to do. Just cleaning, packing and returning our modem/canceling our internet service, waiting for our Washer & Dryer to be picked up... and then turning in our keys and doing a walk-through with the apartment management... then dinner with our friends before we leave.  Yay!

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