Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Moving Forward & Weekend Adventures

Sometimes you hear things, things that make sense, but do not understand the full concept behind the words.  This week I've discovered that...

Only when you stop dwelling on the past are you able to freely move forward and meet the future.

This was all on my mind Thursday night, but I hadn't formulated the thought well enough to put it to words.  It feels good to move forward and, I feel so free having left the past behind!

This weekend we went on another adventure.  This time, to the coast...

Saturday morning we got up at 5:30 am and drove out to Tybee Island to watch the sunrise on the Atlantic Ocean.  It was breathtaking.  Here are some photos:

My son playing in the ocean while the sun rose...

We found several dead jelly fish that had washed up with the tide.

This Crab also washed ashore with the tide.

After watching the sunrise* we returned to our hotel to shower (wash off the sand!) and then set out to adventure in Savannah.

This is what Savannah is most famous for, the Oak Trees covered in Spanish Moss.

Looking at the coins in the fountain, my son was asking if it was a wishing well...

Our son was so impressed that this container ship could pass beneath the bridge without knocking it over.

After wandering around all day (we joked that it was the LONGEST DAY ever) we took a nap and then came back out for dinner.  We ate at the Mirage, which served some tasty Mediterranean food (I forgot the camera in the hotel room, else I would have taken pictures).

It was a nice, relaxing, family trip.  We're trying to make the most of every chance we get to see something new and exciting.  While I have always wanted to visit Savannah (as the most haunted city, and the setting for "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"), I think watching the sunrise was most memorable to me as a Pacific Coast girl.

 ...and now I am off to catch up on my Homework.  I'm already a day behind.

*I originally submitted this with the word 'sunset'.  I attribute this to my west coast upbringing and blogging too early in the morning.

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Melissa said...

Thank you so much for sharing your visit to Tybee! We love hearing how much visitors enjoy their trip. Thank you for choosing our island for your vacation...Don't be a stranger, come back soon!

Melissa S. with Mermaid Cottages