Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A little of the every day…

Outside someone is using a leaf-blower, this happens at least once a week.  I guess the complex is more concerned with keeping their sidewalks clean than doing interior maintenance.

I spilled my tea on myself.  Around here we don’t cry about spilt (insert liquid of your choice).  We just clean it up and move on.  I spilled on myself because I didn’t look at my cup before I started drinking and failed to realize that the hole was not by my mouth.  Oops.

My online class system has been down since early yesterday and I am SO anxious for it to get back online.  I check it every few minutes.  Instead I should just forget about the internet and read my darn textbooks.  Maybe even get ahead?  Last week I downloaded all of my assignments onto my flash drive.  I am definitely doing that from here on out.  Of course I’ll do that after I finish my assignments that are due today.  It’s so funny how something that you can’t control can have such a large impact on your production.

I have just a short time before I need to leave for my 2nd dress fitting.  I sure hope it fits and that it doesn’t need any more alterations!

Thought for the day: Life is… knowing what you need to do and procrastinating anyway.



Anonymous said...

OMG, i LOVE your thought of the day, I just had to comment and say it!!!

Anonymous said...
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