Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trip to Atlanta (photos)

This weekend we took a trip to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, the largest aquarium in the world.  Here are some photos from our visit.  Enjoy!

The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA

Super Why!
Trying to pet the rays.

The rays swam all along the outside of the tank towards outstretched hands.  I think they enjoy being touched.

He was a little scared of the seals at first... they darted so quickly towards the glass.
So fascinated.  This is my favorite picture from the trip.
A Whale Shark.  There were four at the aquarium, and we just happened to be there for the last feeding of the day.  It was definitely fun to watch, and something we may not ever be able to see again.

There you have it... I posted my favorite from the day.  I am so glad my battery lasted until the end, it died shortly after watching the whale sharks (which was our last stop in the aquarium).

After the aquarium we walked .9 miles to Gladys & Ron's Chicken & Waffle restaurant.  We had to wait about an hour, but the food was good and hubby really wanted to go.  On our walk back to the car we stopped at the Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta. I wish I had more battery in my camera so I could show pictures, it was amazing! (hopefully I can go back)  While we were in the park it started to rain... it was so very comical, the three of us laughed the whole way back to the car and were not as wet as you might expect in that downpour.

School started yesterday, so I do not expect to post very often over the next few months.

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