Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Karma? or Life Isn't Fair!!!

Running away from your problems won't make them go away; it just means that when they do catch up with you they will have more momentum. 

Is it bad for me to hope that they will catch up with you soon?

I'm upset.  I finally trust you, telling you how hard it is for me to trust, and then you take advantage of me.  I gave so much, I did nothing wrong... then you treat me like I'm the enemy and like I somehow wronged you, like I owe you when it's because of you that I am out a lot of money.  Whether you intended to or not, you manipulated me and used me.  You offered to help, and at my most vulnerable moment you took advantage of me.  So here, when I'm at a very low point you flaunt your success in front of me, success that I helped to secure you!  My initial response is to cut ties completely and never see you or talk to you again.  But there's still that part of me that loves you, despite what you've done.  But you'll never be that close again.  I will never be that vulnerable to you.

But again, I am reminded that life isn't fair.

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