Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sleep Sweet

I started work on Monday.
Today at lunch I realized... I hate my job. I don't just dislike the job, I absolutely hate it.
So tonight, after dinner, I left a message at the office saying that I would not be in tomorrow, that the job just was not a good fit, and I would be by within the next few days to turn in my keys.

What an incredibly bizarre experience.

Should I actually call them tomorrow? Should I explain all of my reasons when they call?

1) You haven't explained to me what is done at the office.
2) You told me once how to do a very detailed process and then left me to work it all out on my own... and then were frustrated when I made a mistake; you did tell me to ask you questions, but acted like you were too busy too answer.
3) You're not paying me enough to figure out everything on my own, do all the filing, and organize everything.
4) Considering how many people have been in the position in the last year... don't you think there's something wrong with your training process?

It's weird.  What I thought I wanted, what I thought I was getting, wasn't what  got.  I'm a little disappointed.  But I feel SO much better after making that call. The banana split (with Neapolitan!!!) helped.

I can sleep peacefully tonight.

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