Thursday, June 3, 2010

One day at a time...

Just venting last night made me feel better.

One goal:  to exercise while my son is at Summer school.
I have two websites I can reference,  and
Once I can get my breathing under control I'm going to add some running... I'm working on finding a way to run here without dying of an asthma attack.  My allergies are hyperactive here.

Today... life is learning.

I realize my statement about losing someone to death being easier seems cold and I feel bad that I tried to relate the two.  I talked to my Aunt today, my uncle died nearly 13 years ago, and asked her what she thought... she said that death is harder.  It makes sense: when it's temporary you know that you'll see them again, you know you'll get to say all the things you want to say.  When they die they're gone forever, there's no coming back, no chance of a smile or a kiss.  My hubby is coming home, maybe I don't know when and maybe I don't know for how long, and maybe it will be a difficult transition back and forth, but he is not gone forever.  I feel better today in that comfort.  No matter how hard today is, I'll see him again.

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