Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sperm Meets Egg

Yes.  I am talking about reproduction.
My husband & I explained to our son how the baby seed gets in the mommy's belly and how the baby seed is part mommy and part daddy.
We had the discussion via Skype since my husband is out-of-state, so it was a little strange.  Our son was a bit embarrassed after we explained how sperm gets planted in the mommy and wriggles its way to the egg to make a baby seed.  We used all the correct terminology. 

I thought he would have asked a lot of questions (and I can tell you certain questions I was dreading!), but he didn't.  He got embarrassed and we told him that he didn't need to be embarrassed, that it was part of life and he could talk to us and ask us any questions he wanted, and we stopped the conversation.  Tonight at bedtime he asked me to explain it again.  So I showed him images I found online showing the sperm planting itself in the egg... and then all the stages of fetal development.  I was always fascinated by fetal images as a child.  He was in awe and wanted to keep looking at pictures of developing babies.

I know he has questions.  I can watch his face and see him trying to figure it all out.  When he's ready he'll ask questions, and when he does... I'll answer them, as uncomfortable as it may be.

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