Wednesday, March 10, 2010

August Phillip Apel

Dear Papa,

I didn't realize how much I would miss you.  Now that you are gone things seem so different, so transient.  You have always been there.  You were constant.  I kept saying that "death is part of life." that you had lived your time, but I imagine that since I have not been much acquainted with death that your death was a little shocking.

The other night I was unable to sleep.  I was thinking about all the things I never got to ask you.  I wish I would have just taken the time to ask you to tell me your life story.  What an interesting one that would have been!  Just the bits and pieces I know reveal a fascinating man.  I will not be sad about what I should have asked you, instead I'll be glad that I knew you.  Strong and constant... I always thought of you as the "rock" of the family.

I always loved hearing how you & Granny met and then were married less than a week later.  It seemed so perfect.  When I was  11 I remember we all celebrated your 50th wedding anniversary together, and I feel so privileged that I was also able to share your 65th with you.  You & Granny showed me that love can last a lifetime (literally!), and even though it takes work, that it is worth the work.  I am glad I was able to witness your love for each other even at the end.

I remember spending summers with you & Granny in St. Maries.  The walks we used to take.  The treasure hunts.  The stories.  The art gallery.  Then in my teens, I remember teaching you & Granny how to use the computer, get on the internet, and use email... and when you told me about the books you wrote when you were in your 20's (which I would still love to read!).

My life is better because you were a part of it.  Thank you so much for all that you did for me.

Nikky a.k.a Perpetual Motion (or P.M. for short)

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