Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You’ve been on my mind…

Last year I was glued to Facebook 24/7 in one way or another. My phone had Facebook chat, my browser homepage was Facebook. I turned into one of the people I always made fun of, someone tethered to technology.

Why? Because I was yearning for communication. The one I loved was so many thousands of miles away and most of the time Facebook was the easiest form of communication. I didn’t want to miss a single opportunity to chat with him, even if it was only a quick message from him telling me that he was okay and he loved me with a chance to respond that I loved him as well and a promise from him that he would talk again as soon as he could. Those sweet simple messages got me through the year. They let me know that no matter how rough a day he had he took time to send me a message and let me know he was thinking of me and anxiously awaiting the day he would come home to me.

And now, many of my friends expect me to continue my affair with the internet. After a year of long distance communication when all I wanted was touch, forgive me if I walk away from communication through computer screens. I feel guilty when I glance at my phone when Mr. B is sitting next to me. I try to make our time together as technology free as possible.

Text me, we’ll meet up. My schedule is absolutely insane with school and somehow has become more demanding since Mr. B got home (how is that possible when he’s been picking Little Mister up from school?), but I'll make time for you.

But this is life… ever changing. Busy. Crazy. Unpredictable.

Enjoy each moment.

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