Monday, July 18, 2011

Talking about the girls...

I just read this article on Huffington Post that my brother-in-law shared on Facebook. I was pleasantly surprised by the contents.

The article is called "Letting It All Hang Loose: How I Made Peace With My Small Boobs."  The title intrigued me, because up until the beginning of this year I was party of the "itty-bitty titty club" and have myself considered having surgery so that I could at least find better fitting clothes.  Sure, I'll admit that my body has recently decided I no longer need the chest of a 12 year old and to catch up with my 28 year old body, but I have always rejected my thoughts of surgery not only because of the complications, but because I realized that having surgery is a way of saying "I'm just not good enough."  You know what? I am good enough just the way I am...and my husband thinks so too.

I do go bra-less from time to time, I usually wear a cami just to prevent "poking out"... but I think I might just get some flesh colored pasties.

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