Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Life is Being Flexible

To Georgia, to "home"?

I'm not exactly sure yet.  I move in less than 3 days and I'm still not exactly sure where I'm going.

We're trying to secure an apartment in Georgia, but it's difficult since my hubby is training during the hours the apartments are open and every time I call I get completely different (sometimes vastly conflicting) answers.  We think we found one, but we won't know until tomorrow.  I hope it works out, it would be nice for the three of us to live together as much as possible, but if it doesn't, I have someplace to go back home.  I have "people".

I like to think I'm flexible, but yesterday I had a complete melt-down.  I'm flexible, but I'm a control freak too.  That sounds contradictory, even to me.

The thing is, even if I had made plans and had them all finalized, they could still change.  So, I need to be more flexible and just "go with the flow."  This goes along with my thoughts on change.

Breathe.  Don't worry about you can't control, and get plenty of sleep.

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Nikky said...

It's official. Friday morning I'll be on my way to GA to live with my hubby. I couldn't be happier. Better yet, our 8 year wedding anniversary is Monday and I am so glad we get to spend it together.