Thursday, December 3, 2009

What Every Girl Wants

(Three in one day? No, I've been mulling over these for the last couple weeks.)

A couple weeks ago the gals from work asked me to go to the midnight opening of New Moon (the Twilight sequel). I was a little reluctant since I've completely avoided the series altogether but decided it would be a good bonding experience. I accepted.

So on Wednesday night I rented the original Twilight movie so I could get caught up (though I did feel that it was a bit like cheating since most people had been waiting months for the sequel and I only had to wait one day). It wasn't horrible, but... I'm not a vampire/werewolf kind of person. They're just not my thing. Superheroes? Totally. I just can't get behind a "hero" who happens to be dead, or one who happens to be half animal--both which have a very difficult time controlling their "urges." But, I put that aside. I decided I would go and have fun.

Thursday came and the gals were all excited about the movie. One remarked that the series was one that would "make you appreciate the man you're with a little less." The other gals agreed.
That puzzled me. So I watched the second movie (that was an interesting experience in itself, but not necessary for the point I'm making). It was alright. Again, not horrible, but there were some parts where I was left thinking "did the book really jump around like this without any explanation? There had to be a better explanation in the book." I don't know if I'll read the books just to find out though. I don't know if I'm that curious.

I lost myself again. So, in watching the second movie I understood what the gals meant about it making them appreciate their significant others a little less, but I did not share the feeling. In a way, the story made me appreciate Mr. B even more.

1) Mr. B doesn't put me in dangerous situations.
2) Mr. B does not have any desire to suck my blood.
3) Mr. B is not a werewolf who cannot control his temper (though sometimes I think he EATS like a werewolf).

On the more serious side though. The gals were enthralled with Edward's proclamations of love; specifically his statement "you are my life now." I get it. That's what every girl wants to hear. She wants to hear that the man she is in love with is just as in love with her. She wants to know that he is devoted to her completely. She wants to know that no matter what, he'll always be there. She wants to know that she is the center of his universe. It's true. Guys, this is what girls want to hear.

Maybe it wasn't really a revelation to me. Maybe it was that Mr. B & I had a long discussion a few days before this about our personal devotion to each other. Maybe it was that Friday afternoon Mr. B said to me, "Nikky, I am in love with you. I don't just love you. I don't just sort of like being around you. I am in love with you completely." Maybe it was because the trailer for the new movie "Dear John" was more emotional for me than the movie itself.

Maybe the difference between me and the gals from work is that two of them have "new love"; the one is recently married (earlier this year), the other is engaged (as of earlier this year), and the third gal... I really don't know... but Mr. B & I have been together for 7 1/2 years. We've had to face some pretty difficult times together. The phrases in the movies (and perhaps the books) that the gals were jealous of were phrases that you wouldn't hear, or at least wouldn't really appreciate, without some pretty heavy circumstances behind them.


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Morningstar said...

1. I think the books provide way more explanation. Bella has a ton of inner dialogue that cannot be expressed in any movie. Unless it was like a Wonder Years Show.
2. I am Team Jacob for a few reasons. Edward is freaking stalker creepy. Edward takes ownership over Bella and I have issue with that. I feel that Bella is able to redeem herself as a round character in the book, but in the movie it is short handed. My perception may be wonky. Meh. Take it or leave it. ;)
I feel that Jacob's like of Bella is more about him actually appreciating Bella for her for her rather than how he can control her.
Edwards self assigned responsibility to protect Bella seems to undermine Bella's own strength.

The books are always better than the movie,but I did enjoy the second movie better than the first.

I think I prefer fantasy stories of vampires/werewolves/etc to Superhero's because a fantasy character seems to have more human faults and strengths that I can relate to more than Superheros.

Nikky W. said...

Jeffrey, that is absolutely hilarious!

Jenn, I do like fantasy stories. I was actually pretty impressed with the Wheel of Time series. The characters were so well developed.