Thursday, December 24, 2009

Something worth-while...

"If the writer would interest readers, he must report so much life, using a certain satisfaction always as a point d’appui. However mean and limited, it must be a genuine and contented life that he speaks out of. They must have the essence or oil of himself, tried out of the fat of his experience and joy." - Henry David Thoreau

Growing up I wanted to be a great writer, I wanted to be a storyteller.
As I have grown I decided that I didn't like storytelling to much, why live in a fantasy world? I much prefer a real-life story than something made up.
My favorite books are non-fiction.
My favorite movies are based on real-life.
My favorite music are pieces that mean something to the artist.

Which is the thought behind Thoreau's statement. That's what I hope I'm providing here.

When I made the decision to only write what I knew, to write something real... that's when I stopped writing a lot. Why would anyone want to read about my life? It doesn't seem that interesting to me. But I feel compelled to write (and I do mean the full sense of the word). So after many many abandoned attempts that remain on my hard-drive, I decided to start this project. Will anyone read this? Maybe not any more than some of my closest friends, but it's real and it's mine.

Maybe someday Little Monster will find this. I wonder what he will think?

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